Will Partisan Bickering Slow Self-Driving Car Development?

I am not sure who I trust less, the government bureaucrats at all levels, or a bunch of technocrats with no ethical compass, neither of whom have proven themselves worthy of putting our lives in their hands.

Tesla has proved that killing a few people is the cost of doing business. And the government would like to have GPS in all vehicles to track your every motion, speed and destination, just in case[will they mail me a ticket everytime I goose the accelerator or get me for air pollution for farting in my vehicle with another measuring device …they want to jerk you around and couple that with tracking your Plastic cards [read lack of cash] and your phone’s meta data, “1984” seems like a walk in the park. Now when the local authorities want you they can just summon your car to bring you to them.

Sorry I didn’t keep my old TR-6 with no electronic devices on it.

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