That is the same argument that people who oppose single payer use to squelch dissent.
Christina Jonsson

I am willing to listen, but name one place where it works on a grand scale, where it is not used as a political tool. In small, non diverse countries, with a good resource base, and a common value system it appears to work but everyone does not get what they want. Where there are limited resources and competing values the system, breaks down a lot faster in terms of who is not served by anyone’s standards when the government sets priorities. The grossest example is organ trans plants, it looks all rosy, but:

The people donating organs have no say in anything

They get zero compensation, while doctors and hospitals make big bucks

The government decides who gets the organs and although the criteria is laid out, it is clearly not adhered to; years ago, when Bob Casey the then Governor of PA needed a transplant it was lamented due to his age, etc, that none was available and he was way down the list…a few weeks later he quietly got what he needed…UCLA performed a heart transplant on a gentleman under a false identity, who turned out to be a member of the TONG, was not a US citizen, that the FBI wanted to testify in a high profile murder and corruption trial and the only way they could get him to do it was grant immunity and give him a heart transplant.

And you want our current government to run a health care system? We are too large a country with too many special interests that would get in the way. Do you realize that there are over 1200 exemptions have been granted to the ACA, primarily to unions which were the big backers of the Bill…once they found out what was in it they wanted no part of it, does that tell you anything.

IF the country were a bit smaller or had a more cohesive, “fair minded” thought process, I might agree with you, BUT in today’s political and social climate of ME first, tax you to get what I want; politicians who are literally forced to pander to special interests to survive; it would be impossible to set up a system that did not negatively impact one group over another, mainly the Middle Class to help those in need…this same socialist scenario has been going on since the 60's and the middle class has been shrinking since then, and our children becoming less prosperous then their parents. Now we have part time and unemployed children up to the Millennial category living in our basements as in 90 million plus not working, yet the government does not call them unemployed, and for some reason a lot of folks think the government will run a healthcare system correctly, they would rather spend our tax dollars spying on us instead of our foes! No thank you. Health care is not a right, because when the government administrates it one person’s rights will be trampled to give another person “their rights” which is no right at all but a lobbied outcome. Rights should be equal, when a vast bureaucracy starts allocating healthcare “rights” there will definitely be loosers…upfront that will mean money paid into the system, when the system runs short of money the rationing will start and on both counts those of us who footed the bill will loose benefits….on both counts the middle class; welcome to “Lenin’s” America. It already started with the ACA removing money from Medicare, and the requirement that older folks also required to pay in their insurance plans for many items they will never use; so the system is already playing out against the aging population vs youth, just like the UK where you die of prostate cancer where in the US you do not. If you trust your health and welfare to the government you need to be more proactive.