The problem is politics then not necessarily the whole concept of government.
Jason E

I had a similar conversation with another person about COMMUNISM, in theory and in the thoughts of idealists it looks good; in practice once the leadership gets the power, there are no checks and balances,

Virtually the same holds true for any large government entity, once it gets into an “Administrative Mode”, they become very difficult to control even if given guidelines by legislation, personal agendas become commonplace; the weasels find a way to skirt the rules to their own advantage, and also are seduced by the budgetary pressures, lure of personal power, and ability to enrich themselves at the public’s expense, and protected by civil service rules making them very difficult to get rid of for malfeasance. Am I saying these are all bad folk, no; but there are enough of of them to make the system not work properly and the government has very few control mechanisms that work. You blame politics, I prefer to call it human nature and proper management…the government has a distinct lack of good management and proper incentives to get the job done right. I am an idealist by nature, but a pragmatist in practice, and I believe live little of what I hear, go by what I see done….what I see done by government is nothing short of wasteful, ineffective, and inefficient and that is on a good day.

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