I agree with you about the tenor of what passes for public discourse; I have found my mother’s…
Maya K. Bohnhoff

I have given specific examples of LaRaza funding student groups on over 50 West Coast campuses that are advocating returning this territory to Mexico; at that time Mexico did not even exist as a country. The money for this operation comes from LaRaza and a good portion of their budget comes from the Federal government, go figure. They also advocate for voting and citizenship for illegal aliens who by definition are criminals under our system, meanwhile there are many legal aliens using the system correctly. In addition we have an employment problem in this country with 90 million not working and the last thing we need is more unskilled labor which is mostly what we are getting. In addition this is only making the plight of the current unskilled ethnic population[read Black] worse from an unemployment perspective which is going to eventually cause a lot of ethnic strife, like it or not. All these activities have nothing to do with civil rights, but are politically motivated by the Democratic Party under the moniker of civil rights to buy votes in a similar fashion to what LBJ did to the Black population in the 60's with the War on Poverty, all he did was buy the Black votes and put them on a new welfare plantation and poverty has stayed the same or gotten worse. This what the Democrats want for Hispanics, I hope to god their work ethic overcomes their greed for welfare and the entitlements the Dems are offering. It’s about the politics of greed and corruption and votes, not civil rights; do not fall for the BS or you will help the Democrats and half the Republicans kill the middleclass as they have been doing for 40 years.