Will Women Stand for It?

I once wrote an email I threatened to send to the entire University mailing list that went something like this due to the condition of our rest rooms primarily due to the Third World Student Population. [The faculty were darn near as bad].


For all of you who have never had the pleasure of encountering one, it is the horseshoe shaped item you sit on to use the toilet so you do not have to squat during a BM. If you are a guy and just peeing, raise the seat so it stays dry; this is common courtesy in our culture, so as part of your cultural enrichment and to stay sanitary, lift the seat. Welcome to Western Industrialized culture, you have left the Third World, act like it. Include this as part of your MultiCultural experience.

I showed this to several other Adjunct Faculty members and the best part was the Women said their rest rooms were just as bad as the men’s. I told them I did not want to use my imagination as to why.

Just wait until the Third world decides it can invade your domain with impunity.

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