The Microsoft Shuffle
Mitchel Lewis

I put forth a challenge to my university level Management and Marketing classes…if you can name a product, ORIGINAL TO MICROSOFT that has contributed significantly to their bottom line, you get an “A” and can walk on my class! Can’t be done.

Microsoft is not based on innovation or original products…they can best be described as a Legalistic Marketing company in the technology field where they knock off products from others, purchase products from startups, or, literally contract to legally to appropriate your products…ask Apple.

Another thing the author did not mention, the Software MS bestows upon us is horrifically inefficient, and has more bells and whistles then most of us will ever care to use, and conflicts with other MS software more often than not.

Now you know why most of us unwashed denizens of the non-techie word would not go near a driverless car if our lives depended on it, because it might!

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