I think it has much more to do with the fomented racism, Islamophobia, xenophobia, bigotry and hate…
SF Ali

I think you are about half right, but economics in the middle and lower middle class is not good and exacerbates the situation you describe; if the economics of those folks was better all is forgiven of the new folks in town, but with the economics not being all that good, people vote their pocketbooks and the EU has not helped a lot of the middle class by out sourcing and bringing in cheap foreign labor, similar to the situation along our Southern border, and has been doing this for decades. Then they shipped all the manufacturing overseas. This has been done all over the EU. You cannot retrain 40% of your working population as this happens, same in the US. Bad economics and politicians flooding the marketplace with refugees does not help. A humanitarian concern is one thing, but when it decimates the livelihoods and economic stability of parts of your existing citizens, that is a problem. The Blacks in our country are starting to figure out that illegal immigration is costing them huge dents in entitlement programs that are being siphoned to illegals and that unemployment among Black youth is soaring in many areas, because hiring illegals is cheaper….Obama even covered this in his book “The Audacity of Hope”. A lack luster economy was the push that took Brexit over the finish line….in the end, it’s about the economy, or the money and how it affects the individual. My drinking buddy Ian in the UK put it like this, he hated capitalism, but loved Americans; we had lots of spirited discussions and I am not sure how we found our way home afterwards from the pub.

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