Opening Our Hearts and Home: How Helping Refugees Means Helping Ourselves
Cyrine Nawa

I think your sense of compassion is out of proportion with the reality of what is America today. We are a nation where 15% of the population is on food stamps, 90 million able bodied individuals of Woking age are not employed, our government tells us unemployment is 5% when by 1960 standards it is 19%, over the last 7 years we are told the economy is significantly improving while real income for middle class families has dropped close to $1800, meanwhile our government through taxation and regulation has incentivized our industry to cut jobs via automation, outsourcing, and outright export. Meanwhile our government has pursued a porous border policy that has resulted in way over 25 million illegals in our country by most reasonable measures(11 mil is old news)could be higher and you are suggesting bring in more refugees do us to pay for similar to Germany and others which is havigsignificant problems wth them ranging from complaint from the refugees they are not getting enough creature comforts, to crininality, to No Go zones, to current citizens being told to stay away from certain areas and not to demonstrate…refugees seem to have more rights then their ctizens!

We are a very compassionate people, but what you are asking is to import low skilled folks into a society that has no need for more and will only create problems here vs there, while costing a highly nursed taxpayer more, by the way, how much assistance have you gotten vs taxes you have paid? Second, I find that when refugees arrive, they tend to try and rebuild their society here vs blend with our society, while using our entitlements for years. We already have too many on entitlements, it’s not about hate its about the math of money. We are one of the most highly taxed counties in the world when you properly count local taxes. We do not need more burdens.