True, it looks like coal fired plants are very old and inefficient, as you have stated, and it…
Allison Sattgast

I worry that we are willing to throw away existing technology that has been underutilized or prevented from coming on the market that could make a transition to newer technologies which need to be further refined prior to putting them into major production and making us beta test sites both from a financial and technological perspective.

For example, the burning efficiency & cleanliness of internal combustion engines could be significantly improved by gasifying the liquid prior to burning, that is one of the reasons an engine burning natural gas works better, the LNG [liquified natural gas] automatically turns to a gas when entering the combustion chamber in a car! Milage on most vehicles could go up by in excess of 50%, and the costs would be minimal.That would also eliminate a lot of the back end pollution control equipment which folks make a lot of money on! Same goes for alcohol in fuel, it may burn slightly cleaner, but lowers your mileage by around 7%, increases the cost of the gas and you then must burn more fuel…the same tonnage of pollutants go into the air, and another set of by products are Agricultural products have gone up in price due to the switch to growing corn from other grains making our food more expensive, and it tales a hell of a lot of energy to distill alcohol, frankly it makes better bourbon than gas. Thank you Archer, Daniel, Midlands and the corn lobby.