There is a difference between Mr.
Starry Gordon

If Trump is the racist you all claim he is, where does that leave Holder, Obama, and other civic leaders as we have in Baltimore, et al stirring up the racial hatred and behavior that have plagued us for the previous 8 years. These are the people which have driven middle class America, including more Blacks and Hispanics than are willing to admit publicly, to admit to themselves that Obama, the Democratic Party, and DC in general have been screwing them economically for so long, they finally said “enough”. I worked in a Prison during those years and you might be surprised at how many of the Brethren broke Obama’s code economic code of transferring wealth to illegals at the expense of Blacks, they did not mind fleecing the middle class so much, of course they were not there yet!

When you have endured a drop in your gross income of close to $1800/yr that means your discretionary income really suffered…yeah there are a lot of middle class bigots out there who love the green stuff and when the ‘dearly beloved Anointed One’ has picked your pocket for 8 long years, they are looking elsewhere for relief and economic growth regardless of their color…so far the Orange “Bigot” has far out shined the previous Progressive fool who took us down the economic ‘transfer of wealth’ rathole we have experienced for the last 8 years that have sapped our bank accounts and the economy of the vibrancy it needs. Remember this is the only time in our history were there has been a net loss in small businesses almost every year, and they are the drivers of new jobs! Stop reading the MSM and look at the numbers and the reality. Cite your claims of bigotry…Under Obama, Holder’s DOJ lost most of the Civil Rights Division his policies and actions were so biased…that is true bigotry in action as blessed by his boss.