Oh how inept — the Pulitzer Prize winning PolitiFact and New York Times aren’t “good enough’ for…
Susan Michaels

If you consider Clinton cleared by those “investigations” you must have thought O J was was also ‘not guilty’ because the jury said so. A muffed or incompetent investigation does not make you innocent, it does not mean you did not do it, which is the story of Hillary’s life. Ask yourself this, Would You Trust Her and Bill with $10 million of your family’s money with no receipt or paperwork? That is what you are doing by voting for her, the people in Libya did and some have departed our world for hopefully better places without her. She is a parya who leaves a trail of destruction behind her, the big surprise is no one has retaliated in kind to her for the misery she has directly caused to them and their families. Ask Kathleen Willy what she did to her career and what she did to her husband, and the promises she made and lies she told to the Families of those killed in the Benghazi attacks. HRC thrives on deceit.

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