Your original comment was and still is wrong.
Bryant Cavers

If you examine many of the cases you mentioned, none of the payments should have been made to the families, since the people involved were at fault not the police…Philando Castile is a prime example. If you take the trial transcripts, and the recordings of the actual stop, Mr, Castile informed the officer he had a gun, but not that he had a Concealed Carry Permit! The Officer on THREE SEPARATE OCCASIONS informed him not to reach for anything…unfortunately, Mr, Castile reached for an area of his body which contained the gun…there was no cell phone and or wallet[which was of a different color], only the firearm where he was reaching. All this in direct contradiction to the officer’s instruction. And the officer moved to try and stop him from making this movement, then made a second move to insure when he fired that he did not endanger the other passengers in the car….All this was from trial transcripts of an expert witness, which the press and most legal experts did not bother to read. The expert witness happened to write a piece to a legal expert correcting his observations in a magazine I read.

Having personally been in similar situations, the police play for keeps, if they are trained properly have their hand on their gun and are watching your hands at all times as you tell them you have a CCl and where your gun is located, they generally know much of this if they have run your plates, but may not. If you keep your hands in sight and hand them the proper paperwork, they visibly relax.

Because you have rights, also gives you responsibilities not to trample others rights, like the the police officers, which most of these people did not do, and it is what got them killed, not the color of their skin.

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