A few responses to your points about Islam and terrorism:
Traditional Tradesman

In all these discussions, one thing that everyone fails to take into consideration is how ethnic groups vote….do they vote based on policy or ethnicity. Ethnicity seems to trump out almost anything else in the Black community…even though Obama did little for the Black community he got over 90% of their votes and they continue to vote Democratic. Hispanics are a work in progress, but the Democrats are hard at work driving wedges. Muslims appear to be a single block of votes once you get them out of the Middle East and their infighting. Whites are a whole different ball game, the Dems try to characterize Trump supporters as Nazis, the Tea Party as racists … all to no avail. The Left liked the Antifa as a countervailing force, but are having second thoughts since they have turned out to be more violent then the Supremacists, and are now beating up Conservative minded students on college campuses…oops. So all this talk about White Privilege among the most fragmented diverse group seems a bit bizarre when two of their fringe groups are beating the hell out of each other, what a privilege! And Whites are all over the map politically.

When you have groups that you say are not violent, but will not under any circumstances stop the violence that occurs in their venues by the more radical among them, they are part of the problem and have expressed tacit agreement with the actions of a few. When the Antifa start beating up peaceful Conservative students at Berkeley and CNN lets them talk about peace through violence, we have a problem. When we have people saying that Blacks can under no circumstances be racists and be held accountable for hate speech, but Whites can, we have a problem in that community. When Muslims know of other Muslims in their mosques performing acts of violence or preparing to do so, they are part of the problem. When this group chooses to create NOGO zones and not assimilate, as in there are things their religion say they CAN do, but they find out civilized society says they are not required to do to be accepted. They choose to live here, not the other way around. If they would prefer to recreate the land they came from, that is not acceptable, just as if I moved there and disobeyed their not so free speech and alcohol laws.

The main point is, if you will not dime out your Jihadist buddies to the cops, you are part of the problem and deserve any grief you are given. [The “dime out” means call the police when we still had pay phones that took a dime.]

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