Bridging the Communication Gap: Holding Progressives Equally Accountable for Preserving the Truth
Alyssa Yeager

In today’s educational system there is no chance that a person in High School will get near a philosophy book, more likely they will get a smattering of pop culture complements of a hip teacher, and indoctrination of revisionist history complements of the state. Will they even get educators who really develop their critical thing skills and conceptual skills? More than likely they will be asked to parrot back what the teacher wants to hear.

You alluded to Progressive ideals, I am not sure what that would be, I am not sure that any modern day Progressive or Liberal can even describe what their end game would be in practical terms[meaning you have to be able to pay for it]. I have asked that question any number of times and the responses I get only rival the diversity of responses I got when I asked my Marketing Class to define ‘Hope and Change’ as the product of Obama’s campaign…no two alike, a great set up for disappointment and future unrest.

We have radicalization on both sides, and we have a press picking apart every conservative ideal, yet they have no idea where they are headed from a progressive goal perspective. The truth in a propagandized environment, largely to one side, is like panning for gold, a small nugget now and then.

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