Airbnb’s racism problem is much bigger than a few racist hosts.
David Robinson

Isn’t it amazing, the government is concerned about the citizens being forced from their homes and tossed in the streets by these horrid landlord who scarf up these properties and use them to make large sums of money on short term rentals! What a pile of BULLSHIT. The only reason the cities are concerned is someone is making money and the cities have not found a way to EXTORT a portion of the revenue. Do you actually think the city cares about you poor schlubs who are forced from your homes….not a lick if the city gets their pound of flesh along the way[most places they use eminent domain to do the dirty work], and by the way, why are the schlubs selling their property and moving, could it be the high taxes the city is extorting, oops I mean exising from you. The cities and counties think they are your business “partners” and actually contribute to your success[just ask Obama, “you did not do it alone”]. This is all about the statist mentality of being in your personal business 24/7, and trying to control you and your assets for their profit and pleasure. You think this is bad wait until the government figures out how to monitor sex and send you tax bills like they do for those REDFLEX traffic cams….The only reason prostitution is outlawed is the politians have not figured out how to tax it.

By the way, under no circumstances can the taxman, the fascist, the dictator, or any one stop basic economics….Al Capone only had one decoration on the wall of his office and it was a small sign that read; “GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT.” For that in the early 80's the Wall Street Journal dubbed him ‘Marketing Man of the 2oth Century.’