It’s going to have to be the people, not the parties.
Keith Evans

It is one thing to take hypothetical polls concerning vs Trump; BUT REMEMBER, those were the same polls that were telling every one that Hillary would win. Besides, Hillary NEVER mounted a legitimate campaign against Bernie since she knew she had the nomination in the bag with Super delegates and relatively fixed state primaries. Which means some of his foibles were never really exposed. When Bernie’s Socialist policies are exposed for their costs and cultural detriments, independents would not be very inclined to vote for him and something tells me Trump would have been a whole lot less polite since Bernie could not play the Vagina card…Bernie would have found wa lot rougher ride….something also tells me, if you think the RNC was a bit cool to Trump, the DNC, who hated him would have been down right frigid, remember that old girlfriend you implied was fat!

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