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IT SURE BEATS LEADING FROM BEHIND, and pushing others out in front of you as if they are cannon fodder as our past “leader” did. This guy doesn’t mind taking the heat for his decisions and is willing to modify them if something better is proposed. He wants to make America a viable place to work, play, live and prosper on an upward trend, not a downward one where his Obama has taken us. If that means taking in less refugees and immigrants, since we have 90 million plus not working, so be it and vetting those we do take in a little harder, tough. We are not the dumping ground for the UN Commission on Refugees, all you have to do is look at the EU and look what they are doing to the fabric of their cultures and societies and if it does not make you think twice about limiting the refugee process, you re not a logical person.

All this nit picking has to do with WHAT IF and ERRONEOUS DETAILS, cherry picked to support conclusions not based in facts, but those based on supposition and emotional hatred.

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