I’m tired of the doping nonsense: a previously-untracked substance, meldonium, was suddenly defined…
Shawn Rutledge

Just like Congress and the mighty bureaucracies that every government at every level has built, these athletic organizations have become nothing more than legal snake pits that detract from the athletic events them selves. It’s about being pretty and sexy and beautiful and looking for a future paycheck….its become just another money pit financed by taxpayers. And then the media gets ahold of it and talks more about racial this and that, stirs up international incidents between countries when the athletes just want to compete; and it ruins the entire purpose of the Olympic spirit of the games and merely being there for most of the athletes Who rarely get a medal. I just want to appreciate the athletes and leave the hype at home; let the athletes create the drama with performance not the hype from the reporters, which is why have I haven’t watched but barely an event or two in the last several olympics, besides they are mostly boring.

Frankly I am sick of athletes running around acting like spoiled brats when they should have been working on their grades and an education. At the University where my daughter was a gymnast,the AD came to their Senior Dinner and complimented them on their achievements and pointedly noted that they were ‘class’ of the athletic department with close to a 3.5 accum and he used them as examples of what is good about dedication and how it can be applied to life skills and academics. Most of these ladies ended up with masters or doctors degrees and transcended the student-athlete, and grew into the consummate professional,which many do not, since their development stopped with their athleticism. These ladies are role models for the athletes at their school and others around them and proved you can be very good and smart as well…a 1A school that finished in the top third consistently and their coach cared enough to make sure the athletes got their work done. Thank you Rutgers for an academic environment that means something.