No, I’’m not the one doing the “parsing.”
Maya K. Bohnhoff

LaRaza is no way is exclusively Mexican, they include anyone who is Hispanic from south of the Border, and are no friend of the American people. They finance subversive activities at over 50 universities on the west coast.. If Lawyers and judges are stupid enough to name themselves after such people they deserve to be lumped with them. I know that I as a professional am very careful what organizations I join and which groups I associate myself with on a regular basis. There are some which are reputable, but I will not join, because they are used by members for personal purposes. When you are in the public eye and public office you must avoid even the appearance of ethical impropriety, obviously this judge did not care. I am not saying be bland, but also this “in your face stuff” our society seems to be into lately is the basis of what our politicians want….class warfare, so they can benefit and prosper at our expense by trying to divide us to conquer as usual.

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