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Rhy Truther O'drinnan

Let us really kick the top off this ant hill. During the Clinton years, Hillary decided that she could save the government huge sums of money. By doing two things:

Lowering the price the government paid for the vaccines per shot

Lifting the ban on suing the Vaccine manufacturers for liability.

Instantaneously the number of major vaccine manufacturers diminished from about 15 to 7 and there ensued a shortage of flu vaccines for the next several years.

Granted this was mostly flu vaccines, but it put a damper on manufacturing vaccines in general. Ever since that time the government has been letting the manufacturers almost dictate the rules of engagement when for bring them to market…especially flu shots. The speed at which these come to market is astounding yet other drugs take years…really. My father was an Army Air Force pilot; he and 4 buddies evaded the ‘shot doctors’ when they were transported on ships and were the only ones who never got sick, interesting.

Now enter the geniuses who put up to 5 of these little jewels in one shot at a time …. Anybody been to a Wacatully Punch party where everybody brings one bottle of liqueur and one mixer and pours them in a barrel as you enter the party with a lot of ice….Yeah, I didn’t remember how I got home either! Even Ben Carson suggested that this may not be the wisest thing to do on National television. Remember it’s the government who controls who they want to get a shot, and on the other hand lets into our country God knows how many illegal aliens and refugees who are not required to have these same vaccinations….also interesting, I wonder why.

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