No, Mr. President, You Didn’t Inherit A Mess You Inherited A Righted Ship And Like W You Are Making…
James M. Ridgway, Jr.

Let’s examine what Mr.Trump did Inherit:

1- Unemployment at 5.8%, if it is recast in terms of the Methodology used by the JFK Administration it would be over 18.5%. Remember Obama changed the way it was calculated 5 times and if you work one day you are considered employed.

2– 93 million able bodied Americans not working with more jobs going overseas everyday due to the ACA, the highest Corporate tax rate in the world, odious EPA regulations that have zero to do with keeping the environment safe,but hurt American jobs and business growth, and do not try the jobs were all auto mated, by what Chinese braceros?

3- Small business growth in a negative rate for 9 years….Failures outpacing startups. No one wanted to expand or start up in the Obama environment due to the ACA, taxes, or his views on unions.

4- The Arab Spring has turned into the ISIS relief act with the Iran deal, the lack of willingness to starve them of resources.

5- The Obama open border lawlessness has made a sane immigration policy almost impossible to legislate.

6- The literal destruction of the military command structure so the vast majority are yes men in the Political mode, which was made clear as Obama retired anyone who even made a suggestion let alone disagreed with him, even when he was wrong on an issue.

7- The government sopping up the excess capital is making it unavailable to grow the economy enough to create the needed jobs for a reasonable employment rate. You cannot print money forever to finance this government largesse, even Keynes thought FDR spent too much, what he would think of Obama one could only wonder.

This is a mere sampling of the obstructions facing Trump that were put before him by Obama. I have a list of about 30 more, but basically you get the picture.

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