The GOP Congressional majority went into the 2014 midterms with an 8% approval rating (that’s below…
Jonathan Simon

Maybe that should tell you something about the opposition and what the voting public thought about them meaning your brand of Bullshit; mostly these days its a Hobson’s choice, not a labor of love. During the Obama years, he managed to help loose 65 House seats, the Senate, the Presidency, close to 1200 State legislative seat, and 12 governors chairs…this was not about greed, but the wrong headed ideology of progressives swinging far left and leaving the working men thinking to himself, these people do not care about me, only what votes they can purchase with my money and what lies the intellectuals & the Establishment will tell me and renege on to get my votes. You always frame your arguments as if you are the smartest and most intelligent people in the room with no room for discussion[something you learned from Obama]…guess what that is over with, its been proven your policies only make things worse, and the voters are frankly sick of being told how stupid we are and you have the answers. By simple logic, if the GOP had such low numbers, but still came out ahead, your numbers must be lower, perhaps you can use one hand and have a finger left over to pick your nose.