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Mr. K has the “right” to do what ever he pleases. What he fails to realize on many levels is that in his position, he is a leader and a role model. When he chooses to wear his hat backwards and sit out the National anthem, he is telling the youth that look up to him and his team mates, it’s OK to look and act in a shoddy disrespectful fashion and then expect the world to in turn show them RESPECT AND ADMIRATION as if they were behaving like the rest of the population instead of acting like a street thug. It doesn’t work that way, behavior counts, especially when you are the purported leader of a team. Truth is you accepted your contract, but not the responsibility that went along with it to the fans, your youthful followers, your team mates, and yourself; your immaturity is showing and maybe that is why you are not living up to the potential you are being paid for; your ride is getting shorter each day with the attitude you display.

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