You are are one of the few who have rightly pointed out that electricity is a secondary energy…

Mr. Kaplan learned the hard way that entrepreneurs and venture capitalists start out with all good intentions and when the taste of success arrives are not the same people they once were; they somehow become immune to self evaluation due to success and believe that all that is around them is theirs and has nothing to do with anyone , but them. Their belief in themselves is admirable, but in the end can be their undoing. Look at the high percentage of startups that fail, was it bad planning or deviating from the plan due to the ego of the man[woman] in charge who fails to listen to those around them. Many enjoy spectacular success due to the market forces and and subsequent sale of their companies to others who over pay for their ideas. Also, these folks think of their products as proprietary to them when the genisus for the product came from elsewhere [Xerox was the origin for Windows which was seen in a demo by Both Jobs & Gates, Jobs developed the larger system and Gates filched it through a contract]. All these folks think they own anything near them, luckily Mr. Kaplan’s publisher had a spine.

Over time these folks loose sight of their beginnings, and we the investing public need to be less gullible in our greed and make wiser investments where the assets are real and can be accounted for, and not be one software product away from extinction.