I can’t corroborate your experience with Asians. I went to a different set of schools. Who knows?
John the TIB

My problem is I still believe their are qualified Americans out there, but the real issue is our educational system giving them a background broad enough to be able to conceptualize and solve problems or for that matter even recognize there is a problem. Most college kids cannot even construct paragraphs and sentences, nor do they have any idea how to put together a proper argument to prove a point using facts. The absolute worst part is we have professors with PhD’s who are as bad as the kids. I was teaching a math class [as an Adjunct]and the classroom was in the Humanities building and the previous Prof left a Thesis written on the board that he[she] wanted the students to comment on and prove or disprove. THERE WERE SEVERAL PROBLEMS. First was the english which I corrected in a different color marker. Then the linguistics were wrong, and the entire statement was an OXYMORON, which I graciously pointed out[Mr Chem Eng with an MBA Finance, basically illiterate]. The absolute best part was another Adjunct who used the same room and knew me, wrote a note to me on the board denying authorship!

All this points to schools not seeming to care if they turn out well rounded students who can function in the real world, as in outside their immediate training area; and turning out students with USEFUL SKILLS in any way, shape or form. I am still not sure the foreigners are much better in that their cultural and ethical norms do not fit our nation of laws. Most of them come from societies of wolves. What they bring to our society in supposed intellect is negated by these other degrading Third World factors.

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