An Open Letter from Social Entrepreneurs to President Trump
Skoll Foundation

Nice sentiment, where was your outrage when Barack Obama did the same thing during his Presidency? To the same countries. Where was your outrage when he was killing US citizens with drone strikes without benefit of a court order or due process. How convenient that you save your outrage for those WHOSE POLITICS YOU HAPPEN TO DISAGREE WITH.

It’s time you reflected on your ethics and intellectual dishonesty. When you happen to agree with someone politically, you give them a pass on their methods. This is HYPOCRISY at its worst.

A lot of intellectuals, professors, and business people did this in Russia and Germany and found they had been used, and were subsequently silenced when their usefulness ran out…the tyranny among the Left is just softer, but it exists. Look at college campuses where only certain kinds of speech is tolerated, who is the arbiter of what is tolerated, your turn may come. Why do you think the number of small businesses and start ups[read job creators] in the US has been in decline for Obama’s entire Presidency, the regulatory& tax environment makes is wiser too put you money in a new venture, it is too big a risk, so money is invested elsewhere, where there is more certainty.