I work for a UK company and travel to England once every couple of months.
barb dybwad

No I believe that there are millions of undocumented of incidents of firearms stopping violent and potentially violent crimes….I have seen it with my own eyes, the presence of a firearm held by a sane individual will calm a situation in a hurry, merely pulling back a coat to display a weapon is most times enough ….most criminals are cowards, and study after study by universities AND OTHERS, conclude that criminals fear civilians with guns far more that the police; the police are bound by a lot of rules, the civilians only one; did I feel my life being threatened? PERIOD! Plus the police are easy to ID, civilians, not so much. Alway look at the big picture not just these little pieces. They are interesting, and appear rather spectacular,but in the grand scheme of things are so small are relatively meaningless as in statistically insignificant.