What were the Nazis thinking when they killed all those people?
Anna Lind-Guzik

historically, competence was also measured by an awareness of one’s actions). The tribunal’s authority rested on the notion that individuals act of their own free will and that those who cannot tell right from wrong belong in an insane asylum, not prison.

This same mentality described in this article applies to all large organizations and bureaucracies when they are deemed to be carrying out the policies of their chieftains … look at the IRS with Koskinen and the Lois Lerner’s and her minions of the world, they didn’t kill anybody, but they surely made people’s lives miserable for no reason beyond politics. And then we have Eric Holder’s DOJ going into Sanford and Ferguson telling everyone what a racist they are because a few thugs were legally shot, and in the end the two police departments got a few recommendations from the DOJ, the Ferguson officer was exonerated by the DOJ, the other shooter was found not guilty, and the DOJ accomplished nothing but stirring up racial discord with its inflammatory language and tactics, instead of just doing their job quietly. And announcing the results later, if they found anything, vs grandstanding BS up front.

NOT TO CHANGE THE SUBJECT, but if this standard of behavior were Applied to government prosecutors who bring charges that they know to have no voracity before a Grand Jury for the sole purpose of getting an indictment from naive jurors, to later be used to intimidate a defendant into pleading out his case on a lesser charge, or flipping on another defendant. MOST PROSECUTORS WOULD BE IN THE POKEY THEMSELVES….but alas, they can lie to us, but not us to them.