“extremely reasonable” eh, bit of a stretch methinks.
Gavin Grayson

Obama pitted every race against one another by design. Just because he was a minority does not make him a hero. He did more to harm the Black community than any president since LBJ. His economic polices harmed the Black community worse than all others from an economic opportunity perspective and he emboldened every crackpot minority fool with an axe to grind to open their mouth, and that made the minority communities look like the land of radical misfits while the logical and sane voices were drowned out…the backlash against him and his arrogant know it all approach to policies lost 12 governors chairs, over 1000 state legislative seats, about 35 House seats, the Senate, and ultimately the presidency to an unpopular soul. Face it, if the guy ran an investment firm he would tell you all is well and your portfolio would be worth 10 cents on the dollar.

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