Obamacare repeal made simple.

All Trump has to do is hold a news conference on Monday morning and announce the following; and Congress will find a workable replacement for the ACA:

1] The Administrative Branch and the President was given the power to grant exemptions to the ACA, they are here by rescinded as of today.

2] Since the Congress has seen fit to confirm they like the ACA it will be implemented in it’s entirety as of Labor Day, meaning the Employer Mandate and any other provisions postponed by the previous administration.

3] If you are a member of the Legislative branch of the government and a bill acceptable to be is not completed by year end, said branch will be subject to all provisions of the ACA, and if you are a veteran,you go to the VA[mr. McCain], you are now buying your own insurance from your state, if you are over 65 sign up for medicare and buy a supplement.

4] I am grounding all government aircraft available to the legislative branch until further notice.

5] the one exemption I am making is for businesses under 100 employees since they create the jobs we need.

End of New Conference.

The Medicaid issue should be handled as a separate issue in the budget bill and if individual governors and Congressmen and Senators want it for their state, they can horse trade for reductions in other items in the budget, their choice as to what is important door their individual states.

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