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OMG, the liberal and Establishment elites,along with the insurance companies who were stupid enough to write these properties in the first place may have a hard time explaining why the tax payers should support another bailout, which of course we should not. If you are stupid enough to build a house near the beach, its a toy and you should be willing to loose it. You are the same people who issued building permits to the people of New Orleans to build houses below sea level and wondered what happened when you spent the $25 billion allotted to you for levies on other things and had a disaster and then you expected the rest of the nation to foot the bill for your greed and callousness. This time you and the banks and insurance companies suffer, not me….SUCK IT UP….YOU BUILT THESE MOTHERS ON FOUNDATIONS OF SAND AT SEA LEVEL, what the hell did you expect, The good ship Lolly Pop with Obama at the helm throwing you bales of deflated dollars to you? You are not Linda Ronstaght and you are not currently dating Governor Moonbeam.

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