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One must examine the the hunger strikers for what they are, money grubbers of the first order. It is a laughable situation to see progressive left wing trainees whining about their meager wages, which are in no way meager for the time spent, negotiating with the high priests and priestesses if liberal thought over MONEY OF ALL THINGS. To see the conservatives tempt the little money grabbing rats is a testament to their ingenuity and sarcastic nature that Don Rickles and Tody Fields would be proud of.

The real Travesty on college campuses today is that two thirds of the classes are taught by Adjunct Professors[read part time] who get no benefits and get one fourth to one third of what a full timer gets for the same course. And by the unholy alliance of Administrators, Teaching Unions, and State law makers, it is virtually illegal to unionize. So you have these twits in a union with benefits and the Adjuncts with lower wages. & no benefits!

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