How To Protect Your Heart (When The News Breaks It)
No Bubblegum.

One thing I believe you forgot, or maybe you didn’t is all these statistics are per capita and there are lots more people, so the number of instances are actually up in some areas. This being said our relative safety is still very good. HOWEVER; one thing that all of us need to do in our everyday lives which is not taught very well is ‘SITUATIONAL AWARENESS’ which is on the decline with our noses in our smartphones and playing Pokamon; this makes you a target, like it or not, because you are not aware or your surroundings! This is not paranoia, it’s a bit of prevention exercised as a part of your everyday routine. I have watched people step off a curb and get their toes run over! If you do not like the looks of the three guys walking toward you, cross the street and head for the store across the street. After awhile it come naturally, ignoring the world is not a solution.

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