Most of the military problems we’ve faced since WWII, and especially US soldiers who have died in…
David Cearley

Our Politicians get too involved in the details of conflict, because they seem not to be clear enough about the overall Mission statement and goals to begin with. We have Presidents and Congress setting up RULES OF ENGAGEMENT when the goals and End game are nebulous. Training a military force and then handing out a complex set of Rules of Engagement that in many cases contradict their training has been a hallmark of our politicians, since before Vietnam. Trump appears to be content to give the Generals the Mission/Goals and let them do what they do best and Manage to those stipulations according to the rules of war, not let the politcal snowflakes get in the way.

The big problem is the Elites of both parties like the McCains’ goding him into actions of poor or no consequence to satisfy their war lust.

I believe the reason that Trump asks his people for loyalty is so when questioned he feels comfortable backing them with loyalty coming from him. His major problem now is going to come from second level intelligence folks, possibly McMaster playing his own game, his acting director at FBI who’s wife is a Hillary girl and should have been passed over, and the second level folks at DOJ.

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