Keep Public Lands in Public Hands

Perhaps you should examine the US Forest Service, who use many of the same rules and practices nationwide when handling timber selling and cutting techniques. As a former sawmill operator who purchased timber, their practices were some of the most out of date and universal where there was no for specie, terrain, or part of the country. Clear cutting makes sense in the Western US for certain conifer species if you keep the area to a reason able size; however, we were told to use this technique in the Appalachian Region where it makes zero sense [where selective cutting is the name of the game], causes erosion, and causes the wrong species to regenerate. In other words the Forest Service is one or the worst stewards of the land from a agricultural, environmental, and revenue perspective one can imagine…the only thing that saves them is the vastness of the holdings they manage, so no one notices!

The idea that governmental control is is ALWAYS THE ANSWER is just plain wrong. Look at the Bureau of Land Management which has a reputation of being influenced by political heavies to give favorable treatment to their friends…Harry Reid and his family come to mind in that little scheme to take away grazing rights form a family so Harry’s son and cronies could benefit…go figure.

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