My wife’s social science PhD is as confusing as my maths dissertation — do I have the high ground?
Junaid Mubeen

Perhaps you should read from the archive of this periodical:

The Journal of Irreproducible Results is the magazine that has stood for years as the definitive parody of scholarly and scientific journals everywhere.

They publish a journal of several articles, some are real and some are not; and then ask their subscribers to tell them which is which…typically the readers do not get more than two thirds correct.

Maybe you and your wife should take heed and start debunking the self important elitist nonsense that takes place in academia that they hide behind, that accomplishes nothing except annoy those of us who know all you are trying to do is over complicate issues, that a true intellectual could explain in plain English so as to enlighten the rest of us to it's importance! Trouble is, a good deal of what you are discussing is fairly simple to understand, and can be explained in simple terms, not the ones made up to confuse us outsiders. Having worked in Academia, I have observed the same people who write these ridiculously verbose articles, come into lecture halls and do more to confuse issues than clarify them with their overdone vocabulary and complex English…they seem to want to prove how intellectually effete they are rather than convey the knowledge they possess in a simple strait forward manner…can you all be that insecure in your own skin?

If what you all have to ay is so important, let us all in on the secrets, and make the world a better place, and stop hording.

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