‘Immigrants are not problems to solve’
Rebekah Marie Yearout

Please explain to me why it is a felony to do what you are doing in the US, if you did it in Mexico?

Please explain to me why the US should let you take the place of the sons and daughters of our taxpayers in our universities and in the job market? That is not possible since you are use our tax dollars and social infrastructure which you are not entitled to like our public schools, public, housing, ACA…. To stay here and thrive, that is our money you have used for years, and yes, there are some that are highly deserving of a chance, but NOT ON MY DIME. I did not put you in this position, your parents and Obama did, so DO NOT DARE TO BLAME ME OR TRUMP, blame the jerks who gave you false hope, illegally I might add, to go with your illegal residence. You were brought here because your parents thought the US was a more fair and just nation than Mexico, ESPECIALLY IN THE AREA OF LAWS BEING APPLIED EQUALLY…..now you want those same laws to be applied UNEQUALLY to suit you and a small minority of your cohorts. Might I ask who is next, and how that might discriminate against you and how you will scream bloody hell as a minority?

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