Statehood for Puerto Rico
Charlie Gerow

Please explain how a $75 Billion Debt will be turned into a Financial wonderland….this looks to be a classic case of a financial case of throwing good money after bad, it appears to be a lousy investment unless the people who rode this island into debt figure out how to get into more palatable condition before dumping their problems on us; there is no way the US taxpayer needs another black hole to shovel money into. If this were Haiti petitioning The US to become a state, it would be laughable. When you can only get 25% of the people out to vote, it shows a certain apathy that confirms why the island is in that much debt. Something tells me the few people with money down there already have the land purchased to make a killing building vacation condos and resorts, and the rest of the population will at best be maids and provide lawn service. If the US Government blesses that type of scam to add another state to vote democratic, lots of luck. The author is just another Establishment elitist thinking he is going to placate Luis Gutiérrez, instead you are broadening his reach. I say cut them loose and stop the bleeding. By the way, I wish we could cut Illinois loose, they are about to go in the Financial Tank.

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