7 Jaw-Dropping Revelations From Hearings on the Motion to Dismiss the DNC Fraud Lawsuit
Zach Haller

Read these comments; 80% sound like a course in RATIONALIZATION 101.

Ethics and fairness, and listening to voters are not what matters here, which is why the Democratic Party has lost so many governorships[12], state legislative seats[1000+], House seats, the Senate, and finally the Presidency. This Party is about controlling your destiny by pitting us against each other as citizens through identity politics…only now the groups they have gathered as constituents are now looking at each other and saying: WTF, these other groups are eating my lunch and I do not like it, they are getting my entitlement money, the Dems promised me all these things things and I got bupkis…..or as Mr. Trump said, “try it my way, what have you got to lose, you got nothing but misery from the Dems!”

Has the Poverty rate changed since LBJ…nope.

Is the VA better under Dems, no, people are dying in line and the administrators are getting bonuses.

We have doubled the number of folks on food stamps.

We are importing illegal unskilled labor while 90 million are not working.

And this Law suit will not deter people from supporting the very people who made this all possible, although it should.