Ok it’s time to extrapolate that point if I may be able to go into trolling mode.
Jay Parker (I)

Reconsider your position…

When I was in engineering school from 66–71 and then in grad school 71–73, my experience with Indians ans Asians annd a good deal of other foreigners was that they were here to get an education and TAKE IT BACK HOME TO HELP THEIR FELLOW COUNTRYMEN. Much of this was even financed by our government. Sadly most stayed here and worked cheap so they were helped to get a visa by their employers which included universities…Now comes my trashing of these folks:

1] They are theoreticians, book smart and largely impractical. As an undergraduate Engineer they killed us on tests that were about theory; we killed them on tests that SOLVED PROBLEMS. And by the way we were under grads and they were graduate students.

2] They were not cooperative learners, their third world mentality kept them from being good team players. I have taught at several Universities as an Adjunct Professor, and found the same mentality primarily among the Indians, Africans, Pakis, and Middle Easterners. The Asians are far better, if only they spoke English.

3] On a cultural level, Their third world mentality shows up in spades when they get near positions of authority. In several departments when they get to be in charge they populate those departments with ‘their own’, with no regard to competence or fairness…if a white guy did this there would be screams of bigotry.

The truth is these folks have been taking up spots at our universities where there are equally qualified Americans available; besides, most of them do not know how to use a toilet seat. Flat out, most of these folks are not that bright or creative, they have a bureaucratic mentality, I think we have enough of that already. We have a belief in a system of laws, they do not, its all about personal power.

All one has to do is look at how Canada performs their immigration policies to get a better gauge on how to slow things down and do a better job; Complete and absolute brutality. If you have limited skills, lots of luck. If you have the same skills being pumped out by their universities and there is no shortages of job openings, lots of luck. If you are highly skilled and there is a shortage of those skills in the job markets, you will get a visa. Our Progressives in the US profess this, then turn around and sell votes to low skills aliens to bolster their party…pure bullshit.

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