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Right now close to 50% of the adult population does not pay income tax which basically means that 50% of the adult population will not pay the tax you are talking about, so once again that tax will fall on those of us who are working, who are collecting pensions and Social Security & being taxed on it, and investors. So basically we are just siphoning the money in a different way to the indigent? The same people will be paying and my guess is more.

Who benefits is always the question…lower income folks, those who never had insurance before, employers who no longer pay premiums.

So now everyone is covered[read a lot more folks] , we have the same amount of providers, the same group of citizens are paying[assume revenue neutral], … I smell lines at the DR offices. I see Medical companies being told by the government that they will be getting what Medicaid and Medicare reimbursements are[lots lower then private insurance]….this will not be an incentive for R&D of which the US does close to two thirds of in the world. This is not an incentive for better treatment.

This looks like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

There needs to be a total realignment of the medical community to get used to the idea that they will be well off, but not the in the same class as the wealthy, which is where they are darn near at right now. If they live in my neighborhood, they have houses elsewhere, sometimes more than one, but mostly they have very high expectations. The big Pharma government incestuousness has to be broken up as well. Just alter ing the collection process without other change could make it worse if the lobbyists find a way into that money pot…Obama already tapped into SS to help the ACA.

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