How reader engagement helped unearth the Shell tape
Ernst-Jan Pfauth

“Significant uncertainties”

“Possible swift and dramatic changes occurring”

SO WHICH ONE HAPPENED, THE FIRST OR THE SECOND, it is now over 30 years later.

These guys think very strategically in 50 plus year time horizons, unlike governments, tech companies, or run of the mill organizations. What you are most likely seeing are white papers coming from the strategic planning area that may have influence on the long term thinking of these companies for a science and a political view point. These folks got rid of their refineries a long time ago due to the ENVIRONMENTAL risks/regs of owning them[no refineries have been built in the US for over 50 Years, you get the picture thanks to the EPA]. They still pump a lot of Oil and do a lot of oil exploring, BUT that rate has slowed significantly and they are looking at other energy opportunities.

This Journalist is looking at this from a wrong headed, tactical perspective; meanwhile, the major energy companies are STRATEGICALLY moving THEIR MASSIVE INVESTMENTS toward new opportunities, but it’s a slow process for these big “ships” and they are not stupid enough to announce their intentions from the White House 2nd Floor Veranda like Obama does with our military actions overseas.

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