Yes, let’s just kick ALL the legs out from under the stool, shall we?
Victoria Lamb Hatch

Since the ACA has never been fully implemented , let’s do that first and see how that plays in Peoria, since all you Obama supporters seem to think it is the answer to our prayers…Obama refused to fully implement it during his tenure for pity sake! Right now the projection is 20 to 40% increases in insurance costs, by 2018, net year. There are 18 counties in Ohio looking at no insurers for the exchanges[nothing to do with Trump]. If the Employer mandate kicks, in the unemployment/partemplyment rate will go up and more folks will either loose coverage of their jobs which the CBO failed to take into account.

Face it the ACA was an ill conceived tax plan to transfer wealth by raising most people’s insurance rates for services they do not need to subsidize those the government deemed worthy and taxing businesses and transferring money from Medicare…all bad ideas since they are all incentives to harm the US economy. Pure genius on the part of Progressives who are economically ignorant.

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