“POTUS isn’t just suppressing, he’s destroying data — they’re taking computers.”
Roger Cooper

So all these Professors and grad students and EPA Administrators who have successfully avoided replying to FOIA requests for decades[why is that?] have not backed up their data to a private source and only have one copy on a government owned machine? Are you kidding me, that is a sign of amateurism at its finest.

Whenever I worked for a University or company, and had any issue with their integrity or hierarchy, I darn well had my own copies of every thing I did that for clarification purposes, protection purposes, chronological purposes and legal purposes…I also kept a contemporaneous log of conversations to protect myself from the kind of conversations that were quoted in this double and triple hearsay essay. Who would be foolish enough in this electronic age to try and destroy data, everyone is a hoarder, if they are not, there is a system that is. THIS IS AN EXAMPLE OF FAKE NEWS.

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