The Threat to Science No One Talks About
Joe Brewer

So who do we trust with a solution?

And the minute I hear the word TAX, the party is over; because the politicians will spend it on something other than what it was intended, all you have to do is look at the energy, gas taxes and then look at our roads and bridges to figure that out. Our politicians have also driven most manufacturing industries off shore to other countries with lower taxes and much fewer environmental regulations; many of ours are patently absurd and simply do not help the environment or protect a specie of animals, they simply satisfy a special intent group.

The minute I hear UN, who currently wants to use monies from the industrialized West to industrialize the Third World and not particularly do it in an environmentally responsible manner, I cringe from an economic and environmental perspective. They are using Global Warming as a political tool, not a scientific one.

When the politicians go to DC reasonably well off and they & their families end up with tens of millions of dollars; this does not translate well to good science or the possibility of world wide standards that are fair to all nations.

On the author’s dig at capitalism, that system has brought more prosperity to more people faster and it’s deterioration is coming at the hands of the governmental system looking more socialistic every day. And please do not cite Sweden or the EU nations which are currently in crisis for importing refugees which are tearing apart the very cultures they were built on and their press is not reporting.