Why School Shooter Drills Are Terrifying Nonsense

Society and government is teaching our children and most adults to be lemmings. The very idea that the first thing you should do is call a FIRST RESPONDER is a pathetic joke…you and your kids are the First Responders, not a bunch of government officials who want you to be dependent on them and WAIT for them…do that at your own peril, their response time is not good enough to save you in most instances. Most people who have survived everything from active shooters to robberies to muggings, etc. do so because they take considered actions to save themselves and others….the survivors at Virginia Tech barricaded the doors, climbed out windows,they did not hide forever, staying stationary is perhaps the worst thing you can do, since you are an easy target, just like dodge ball.

Drills only work if they are relevant, and mostly they do not teach people to solve problems, but these days most of education does not do that very well in the classroom either…I get the lemmings in my college classes[I am an Adjunct prof]! The biggest thing to teach children is situational awareness…in other words what is different from before, what/who looks out of place, and then how to avoid where the situation is going….save that, take action.

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