SF Ali

Something tells me we are all missing the point of a ’pledge of allegiance’ or standing for the national anthem et al; these are symbols of where we live and why we live here, certainly not BLIND ALLEGIANCE to everything our government does or even the actual words involved which were penned in another age. Hell, the government is a bunch of elected people who are no better or worse than any of us, and we can be pretty bad at times; even the forefathers built that into the Constitution with many of the rights granted the citizens of our country, to defend ourselves against the slobs who decide they are going to abuse the power of their elected positions.

To have guys like Mr. K decide they are going to use their positions of celebrity to demonstrate against a country that has provided more opportunity than he could imagine anywhere else in the world from a monetary and personal fulfillment perspective is totally disingenuous. He is supposed to be a LEADER, and in this case is squandering his leadership position as a QB and missing the boat to do something positive vs using his leadership & role model position to show how to be negative and fractious to a society that could use a whole lot of inclusiveness. I do not look down on him, I just wonder why a man who can perform at such a high level in one arena can be so immature and not understand his negative actions & outlook is actually hurting the psyches of children like he used to be, who will develop negative attitudes that will stifle their potential. Being negative about your country is not something that will generate the type of followers he wants. As a manager I do not mind Criticism, but solutions should follow, I see none. Mr. K seems to have waining leadership skills on the field and is doing worse as a leader off the field. Something tells me his frustration as a QB is being blamed on other issues inside his head.

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