Profaning Populism
Herbert L. Klein

Spoken like a true Elitist Corporate Lawyer, who comes down from their pristine office and gets to criticize after someone else has done the real dirty work. You have little concern for either the workforce or the middle class or the values our country was built on. As you rail against the so called populism in the EU which is slowly rooting out the neotyrants of Germany and France who have taken over ruling the EU and are literally destroying the cultures of the EU countries with their immigration policies and regulatory nonsense that has even neutered the suction on a vacuum cleaner to the point of impotence. And then you go on to extoll George Soros, as a philanthropist, when he is more of a personal opportunist starting with his days as a Jew who turned Nazi and ratted out his fellow jews in Hungary and amassed a lot of money doing it, just a peach of a guy starting from his early years. You are a historian, but you seem to withhold pertinent facts, you must have been a fun lawyer to deal with, did you do the same in court; is that why you admire Soros?