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Take a look at Europe right now, it’s not about asimilation or seeking a better life with opportunities in a new land. It’s about the destruction of the existing culture,imposing the refuge culture, pillaging what is there in both in human and monetary terms….they came to seek refuge, not turn the place into a mini version of what they were fleeing, that was the whole point. This is why over time you do not let these mass movement into your country, it is a death wish for your culture and possibly for your people.

  • Learn from history, or you are bound to repeat its follies; Socialists and communists seem to have not learned this, or is it that they are megalomaniacs at heart and merely use this form of government as a means to an end to consolidate their own power and the people are gullible enough Togo along with it since they see some freebies for little or no effort on their part, think entitlements. The government does not have the right to redistribute what I have earned to refugees or others, that is theft. I have the right to donate it to who ever I want; but since the government has taken a vast amount away from me, they have left me with a lot less discretionary funds to distribute and they are the ones picking the winners and losers and do not do it well. That is called Fascism.
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