How Trumpism Threatens Silicon Valley
Khan Shoieb

Tech industries seem to be sharing and altruistic until you find out they insidiously invade your privacy, have little regard for your dignity as a human being, over charge for their products; and are basically control freaks who let you think you get to do it your way, when in reality you have fallen victim to a gnome in a back room who doesn’t get out much. The level of maturity demonstrated by the Gates, Zuckerbergs, et at of showing us that they know better then their customer’s by making choices for us just shows that their thought process is on the side of the Progressive left who knows better than the body politic and continually tries to impose their will on us through needless laws and regulation. Your intentions may be noble, but your products and solutions may have little to do with the world most of us function in. You may be arrogant enough to think you are the smartest people in the room, trouble is, you need to get out of the room more often and find out your type of “intelligence” does not work out here in our pot holed universe of non cyberspace.

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